Teach Next

Teach Next is an employment-based pathway into teaching, delivered in partnership with teacher employers, which will help skilled and experienced professionals gain a teaching qualification while earning a salary.

Participants will receive intensive training, mentor support and financial assistance while they complete their studies.

Teach Next builds on the reforms being implemented through the Smarter Schools National Partnership for Improving Teacher Quality, which aims to improve teacher quality, and will receive Australian Government funding of $15.9 million to help up to 395 career-change professionals to move into the teaching profession.

Teach Next is seeking skilled professionals who have the expertise, experience, capacity and desire to inspire the next generation, and participants will be selected based on academic qualifications, relevant work experience, aptitude for teaching and suitability for an employment-based teaching course.

The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education has developed and delivered this web based assessment tool to support the selection of Teach Next participants.

Further information on Teach Next is available at http://education.gov.au/teach-next